vocational training & work experience

Preparation for working life

Preparation for Working Life combines work placement in a local company and a classroom-based unit, 'Preparation for gaining employment’. The programme is designed to prepare participants for professional life and help them develop their communication skills.

Project-based training

Project-based training is a highly beneficial programme for participants with lower language skills or those wishing to work in a difficult industry sector. The training takes place in a partner centre and is a hands-on, practical experience where participants complete smaller projects to better understand the work cycle in their chosen trade.

teacher training & STAFF MOBILITY

Job shadowing

What better way to gain a new perspective on teaching than with the help of other teachers? Tellus works with a network of local schools, giving you an opportunity to enhance your English teaching methods by ‘job shadowing’ colleagues.

work experience

If you teach a particular profession back home, you can find out how that profession works in practice in Poland with our unique work experience opportunities.

Kraków, Poland

The former capital city of Poland, today Krakow is better known as a capital of culture, a cosmopolitan and bohemian city with many museums and galleries, as well as its famous university built in the 14th Century.

Famed too for its medieval centre, Royal Castle and the vast Rynek Glowny, Europe’s largest market square, Krakow comes alive at night particularly in the former Jewish quarter, Kazimierz district – the place to entertain and be entertained!

5 places to see

  • Market Square
  • Wawel Hill
  • The Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Kazimierz district
  • St Mary’s Basilica

Social and Cultural

A busy student centre (over 300,000 students for 800,000 inhabitants!), virtually every door in the historic city centre leads to a pub, club or a restaurant – or all three! It’s great for eating out and cheap, with lunch costing just 3 – 7 EUR.

Krakow offers some excellent music gigs every day. The city also hosts some world famous festivals, such as the Jewish Culture Festival, the Misteria Pashalia Festival and Sacrum-Profanum.



  • Krakow Airport is conveniently located close to the city.
  • Transfer options: shuttle train or taxi.


  • Krakow has an excellent public transport network, with a modern tram fleet reaching most parts of the city
  • Tickets need to be validated upon boarding trams and buses
  • Most trams and buses have ticket machines inside (you’ll need change)
  • Use jakdojade.pl to plan your public transport routes quickly http://krakow.jakdojade.pl


  • Studio flat / shared flat: shared flat (twin or single rooms) or studio flat (twin or single) in the city centre. Basic standard
  • Homestay: twin or single rooms. Within public transport network range, half-board / full-board / self-catering. Half-board and full-board options subject to availability
  • We reserve the right to offer lunch vouchers and/or pocket money instead. Basic standard.

your health care


  • NFZ ('National Health Fund') Treatment is free of charge for all EU nationals
  • You will have to pay for any of the medicines you may need
  • Any students from outside the EU will need to have their own medical insurance.


  • You will need an appointment. If you live with a host family you can see their 'Lekarz Pierwszego Kontaktu' (General Practitioner)
  • The host family will sign you in as a visitor. This treatment is free of charge
  • If you live in self-catering accommodation, contact Tellus and we will make an appointment for you.


  • Dental treatment is free but all appointments need to be booked well in advance
  • If you are in pain, private dentists are reasonably priced and much quicker to book


  • In case of serious illness, life threatening emergency or injury, call 112 and ask for an ambulance
  • Although Polish 'Ambulans' is pronounced in the same way the operator will not necessarily speak English
  • Give the full name of the person requiring medical assistance, their date of birth, sex, and the exact location, e.g. the nearest house number (or landmark) and street name
  • For a non-emergency, please ask your host family for help, call Tellus for assistance or take a taxi asking for the nearest 'SOR' (Hospital Rescue Ward).
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